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I immediately booked three new meetings using LoanScout.

Commercial Lender, Encore Bank
Austin, TX

Credit Risk Assessment

Dive deep into UCC filings and assets to assess the financial stability and creditworthiness of commercial borrowers.

Portfolio Management

Track and visualize your commercial loan portfolio, identifying areas for diversification and understanding regional risks.

Business Development

Tap into advanced data to pinpoint businesses with maturing liens, ensuring you're first in line for refinancing opportunities.

Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your lending operations by detecting inconsistent asset claims or suspicious lien activities in the commercial sector.

Competitive Analysis

Stay ahead in the commercial lending sector by analyzing active competitors, pinpointing their strongholds in specific industries or regions.

Asset Recovery

Prioritize and efficiently recover commercial assets in the event of loan defaults, leveraging geographic data and communication tools.
Maps and Geo Searching

Map-based search identifies active borrowers in your market.

Search by borrower name, lender name, collateral description, geography, filing date, and more.

Every time I sign on there is another update that makes it easier to find a lead and get all of their information.

Commercial Lender, Stellar Bank
Houston, TX

Comprehensive borrower profiles

Quickly gain actionable insights about the best companies in Texas. Learn where, when, and why your prospects borrow money so that you can be fully informed when you reach out.

Loan Scout provides a wealth of data that is unmatched! This service has allowed me to target new leads more efficiently!

Commercial Financing Consultant, Bevel Financial
Columbia, MO

Money in Motion Reports

LoanScout's Money in Motion Reports reveal your customers who have recently obtained financing at a rival institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial available?
Yes. LoanScout is in a public beta phase to give you the chance to try it out for free. During this phase, we will continue to improve the product. Some features may change during this time.
What is LoanScout?
LoanScout is a software solution developed for commercial lenders. It leverages data from many sources, including UCC filings, maps data, contact information, and more.
Why would I want to use LoanScout?
There many ways LoanScout can support your loan portfolio. Get an in-depth profile on any company that borrows money in Texas. Review your Money in Motion report to see where you can recapture missed opportunities. Analyze your competitor's footprint in your market. The list goes on.
How often do you update the data?
During the beta phase, UCC filings will be updated monthly. Eventually, paid users will have the ability to sign up for daily updates.
Why only Texas data?
As a Texas company, we wanted to start at home. In time, we plan to support lenders in all 50 states.
What options are available in search?
You can search by borrower name and location, lender name and location, collateral description, and filing period.

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